Karyn Thurston



Hi there. I’m Karyn - but you can just call me “the girl with the words.”


I write because writing is what I’ve always done - because the words arrange themselves in rows on long walks, in deep conversations, as I am living and loving and navigating the world. Words have always been an essential part of the way that I see, whether they’re trying to capture the undercurrent of our shared experience through poetry or lyrics, reflecting the image of a client through a commissioned biography or web content, naming the deep wounds of patriarchy in rooms full of strong, healing women, or chattering on for ages with the extraordinary humans who populate the Heathen Podcast. The words are my frame for the beautiful tangle of life we’re living here in San Diego, CA, and it’s my hope that you’ll find within them community, courage, reassurance, and an echoing reminder of how deeply needed, unique, and worthy you are.


One of the greatest tragedies of individual human experience is to have a talent to bring pleasure to others and fail to use it. You have the talent. Go for it; use it.

-edward i. peters




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